Grainplast – Manufacturer of flexible PVC pellets. We are specialists in the manufacture of colored and virgin PVC pellets

At Grainplast, S.L. we manufacture virgin and coloured flexible P.V.C. pellets, starting from raw materials and recovered from manufacturing scraps, modified in our facilities and adapted to the needs of our clients. Custom-made in terms of quality, hardness, density and colour.

Valuation process

We recover post-industrial plastic waste for its treatment, recycling and commercialisation according to the needs and specifications requested by our clients.

Purchase of plastic waste 

We buy post-industrial P.V.C. plastic material in all its forms (bulk, scraps, crushed, granulated, bales, etc).

Sale of recycled plastics

We market and sell recycled plastics (Flexible P.V.C.) in the form of pellets.

In-house manufacturing

We manage homologated plastic waste in our own facilities where it is processed until the final product is obtained.

We protect the environment

We contribute to the improvement of the environment by recycling all the products we manage, those we buy and those we sell.

Excellent service

We supply all our clients with excellent quality products free of defects and within the stipulated deadlines.


We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, complying with all management systems, quality standards and regulations required by law.

Grainplast – Fabricante de granzas de PVC

Grainplast – Fabricante de granzas de PVC flexible. Somos especialistas en la fabricación de granzas de PVC coloreadas y vírgenes



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