Recycling process

Plastic recycling process

The recycling process begins with the collection of different types of plastic waste.

We select those that meet the appropriate characteristics for the type of material we work with (P.V.C.).

They go through a crushing process to reduce them to a size suitable for further use, either directly or by applying another process.

Lastly, homogenisation and packaging is carried out as a final part of each of the recycling processes.


Our recycling process

Recepción de material

Reception of material

Selección y triturado

Selection and crushing

Elaboración de la pasta

Paste processing

Filtrado y grnazeado

Filtering and pelletising

Producto final

Final product

Our commitment

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to plan ahead in order to reduce and eliminate various types of pollution, and for this reason we use the most advanced technology available.

Recycling allows for a reduction of waste generated by the plastics industry, reducing the extraction of new raw materials, lowering energy consumption and decreasing gas emissions.

We have the certificado ISO 9001:2015with registration number ESP 6081 complying with all management systems, quality standards and regulations required by law.